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  pescatarian affair salad fish & shrimp
   grilled shrimp, & tilapia sauteed in medium spicy salsa, green leaf lettuce, & white rice
   drizzled w/creamy chipotle sauce, & topped w/cucumbers, & our delicious red cabbage 
   mixture of corn, black beans, green onions, cilantro, sea salt, & lime juice

    s&m salad shrimp & meat
   grilled shrimp, & carne asada sauteed in medium spicy salsa, green leaf lettuce, & white
   rice drizzled in creamy chipotle sauce, & topped w/cucumbers, & freshly made mango pico
   de gallo

  shrimp salad
   grilled shrimp, green leaf lettuce, & white rice, drizzled w/creamy chipotle sauce, & topped 
   w/cucumbers, & freshly made mango pico de gallo

   grilled tilapia, green leaf lettuce, & white rice, drizzled w/medium spicy tartar sauce, & 
   topped w/cucumbers,& freshly made mango pico de gallo

   choice of protein, green leaf lettuce, & pinto beans, onions, cilantro, tomatoes,  cucumbers,
   & monterey jack cheese

 lettuce taco 'bout salads
  served in a crunchy tostada bowl w/chipotle ranch, & salsa  
  guacamole when available

wet & wild fries 
asada fries
steak cut fries topped w/nacho
 cheese, & carne asada, sour
 cream, onions, cilantro, & tomatoes
guacamole when available 

meaty torta 
pinto beans spread on telera bread,
 your choice of protein, queso fresco,  salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, & salsa 
guacamole when available

bbq chicken fries
steak cut fries smothered in bbq
 sauce, & drizzled w/ranch dressing, 
& topped w/bbq chicken, monterey 
jack cheese, & bacon bits

loaded naughty nachos
nacho cheese over deep-fried chips, 
& topped w/choice of protein drizzled
 w/sour cream, & topped w/onions, cilantro, tomatoes, & jalapenos
guacamole when available

sassy sopes 
choice of protein, & pinto beans on a 
deep fried sope topped w/cabbage, sour cream, & queso cotija
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